The Owl Man

As part of Year 2's topic, 'If you go down to the woods tonight' the children have been learning about nocturnal animals, including owls.

The Owl Man (aka John Hewson) visited us and showed some of his owls to the Year 2 children.

The owls that he brought along included a spectacled owl, an eagle owl, a milky owl and a barn owl.

He told the children some amazing owl facts and all the children had the opportunity to put on the special protective glove and hold Billy the Barn Owl!





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Sponsored Walk Grand Total

We are delighted to announce that we raised very nearly £2,500!

Many thanks go to all our children at the Infant and Junior Schools and to family and friends who generously sponsored them.

Sponsored Walk for Melon School in Kenya

Despite the weather forecast we held our sponsored walk with the Junior children today and for the most part the rain stayed away!

There was a track marked out which went round both schools; the circuit was very nearly 1km.

Every child made an incredible effort to walk round the track 10 times; some even snook in a few more circuits!

The best thing about the morning was seeing siblings, cousins and friends from both schools walking together.

Many thanks to all the parents and staff who walked with and encouraged the children.

Thanks too to everyone who has offered sponsorship.

We look forward to letting you know the grand total; very well done to everyone!


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Ahoy Me Hearties!

Year 1 had a Pirate Day today! Everyone came to school dressed as pirates and spent the day up to no good, doing Pirate-related activities; making bags for their 'Pieces of Eight', decorating Pirate biscuits and much more.

At the end of the day, the parents were  invited to school to see a Piratical Performance!


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