Bike-It Breakfast

On Friday 16th of June we held  Bike-It Breakfast at school.

Children and their parents were offered a free breakfast of strawberries, grapes, banana, brioche and fruit juice.

It was a beautiful morning and we had a great turn-out, well done to all thos families who cycled and scooted to school!

P1020763  P1020768

P1020771 P1020774

Bollywood comes to Bosham!

Following our Indian Dance Workshops, a group of Year 2 children went to Bosham Primary School for the Locality Dance Festival.

The children used the movements that they had learned and used them to choreograph a dance to the song 'Jai Ho'









Crime Scene Investigation in Reception!

In Reception we had to investigate a terrible crime scene! We knew what to do, because PC Pack had visited us the day before and told us all about being a Police Officer.

Somebody had broken into our house and had left fingerprints all over the furniture. we looked carefully at the clues that we could see and tried to work out who was the villain. We spotted a broken chair and the remains of some porridge...someone had eaten it all up! The children quickly realised who was the culprit; it was the villainous Goldilocks! 

We have been taking our own fingerprints (to rule us all out of the crime) and making 'Wanted' posters.

Please look out for our suspect, she may still be on the premises! 






Chinese New Year 2017

This year, Chinese New Year falls on January 28th and this year will be the Year of the Rooster.

We learned all about Chinese New Year in assembly and today we have taken part in some traditional Chinese dancing.

Every class went into the hall; we found out more about Chinese New Year and  how it is celebrated all over the world, then we took part in a traditional Dragon Dance!

Happy New Year!  or  Kung Hei Fat Choy!      

Chinnese Dragon 24.1.17



Year 2 Titanic Day

This half term the children in year 2 have been learning about the Titanic.  They have explored why the ship sank, why more people were not saved and how many people sadly died.  They have also found out what lessons were learned and how things have changed today.

To celebrate the topic the children had a Titanic day.  The children chose to dress as either a First Class or a Third Class passenger and they were allocated name labels and tickets on arrival.  The year one children waved them all off as they entered the ‘mighty ship’.  The classrooms were divided into first class and third class and the children experienced a range of activities as part of the day.  These included dining and leisure activities suitable to the time.  A great hit was the dancing!

 3rd class food  dancing fine dining               dominoes  southampton4  Southampton  Southampton2