Follow the Rainbow

R – Respect

We aim to listen to others

We aim to be kind when we disagree

We treat others, our environment, and the wider community as we would like to be treated


A – Aim High

We try to be better than last time (we want to succeed or improve)

We plan and think things through

We always try to do our best

We try to have an understanding of our learning journey; where we come from and where we need to go

We have a thirst for learning and seek challenges to improve our understanding

We want to share our new learning and knowledge with others, becoming an 'expert'’


I –Include Everyone

We value differences and celebrate diversity

We aim to ensure that all children and adults are treated with understanding, consideration and are given equality of opportunity

We celebrate the achievements of all


N—Never Give Up

We keep going even when we are finding things challenging

We try new strategies

We know when to ask for help

We aim to be brave, have a go, and don’t worry if something goes wrong

We accept that mistakes are positive because we can learn from them and grow our brains

We consider all options and are not afraid to have a go


B – Be Yourself

We aim not to compare ourselves to others

We feel proud of our efforts

Our own thoughts and ideas are valued

We have pride in ourselves and our work


O—Open your Mind

We are happy to let our imaginations go

We aim to be curious and ask questions

We are excited to try new things

We accept feedback and use it to make improvements

We embrace problem solving, and have the confidence to explore the unknown


W—Working Together

We work as a team, together with our children, their families and the local community

We co-operate with others and share ideas, opinions and resources