Follow the Rainbow

R – Respect

*We aim to listen to others

*We aim to be kind when we disagree

*We treat the environment, wider community and others as we would like to be treated

A – Aim High

*We try to be better than last time

*We plan and think things through

*We always try to do our best

I –Include Everyone

*We value differences and celebrate diversity

*We aim to ensure that all children and adults are treated with understanding, consideration and are given equality of opportunity

N—Never Give Up

*We keep going even when we are finding things challenging

*We try new strategies

*We know when to ask for help

*We aim to be brave, have a go and try not to worry if something goes wrong

B – Be Brave

*We aim not to compare yourself to others

*We feel proud of our efforts

O—Open your Mind

*We aim to let our imagination go and learn from our mistakes

*We aim to be curious and ask questions

*We aim to be excited and to try new things

W—Working Together

*We aim to work as a team, together with our children and their families

*This starts in our class communities and extends to our whole school, local community and the wider world