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January 2021 WORKING AT HOME WITH YOUR CHILDREN during school closure.

Children benefit from working in a routine and having a structure for the day. Our children are used to having a visual timetable at school so that they know what is expected. We suggest that you create a daily timetable with your children, as a weekly timetable would be overwhelming.We have included an example of a daily plan in our planning document. Ensure that throughout the day there is a variety of activities, and that the timetable works well with your child’s age, stage of development and ability to concentrate. All of our timetables have pictures on so it is clear to them what they will be doing. Starting the day with a physical activity is a great idea (Joe Wicks 5 minute workouts/Go Noodle)

Work on one day at a time; don’t try to do too much! Our activcities are brooken down into daily tasks.

We have introduced 'Southbourne 5 a day' which will support you to better understand our home learning expectations (please see the planning)

A website that we sometimes use and is now open to all families (free) is twinkl, have a look!

For Early Years children, there are two useful TV programmes; Numberblocks and Alphablocks which can be used to support learning

Our planning is now broken down into days of the week to support you and your child with timing and expectations. Our learning is NOT expected to take as long as a normal school day, as a child will need less time to complete tasks on a 1;1 basis than when they are one of a class of 30. 

Your main focus at this time must continue to be your child's wellbeing and happiness. If you can, when you have done your learning for the day, spend time with your child doing things that they enjoy; baking cakes, playing games, going for walks or just cuddling up to watch a film.

Thank you. 


From Monday 11th January, the BBC have been providing a wider selection of 'lessons' for young children each morning. Do have a look at what is on offer, and fit some of the relevant and appropriate lessons into your child's learning for the day, but please do not let it replace the specific learning that is provided by school.

The lessons can be found here https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-55591821

We understand that not all families can give children access to a laptop or tablet; parents often do not realise that they can access the internet via a Nintendo SwitchPlay StationX Box or a smart TV, one of which most families already have.


For Reception Home Learning please log on to your Tapestry Account.

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If you want to share any work please send it to:

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Our Calculation Policy for Addition

Our Calculation Policy for Subtraction

Our Calculation Policy for Multiplication and Division 


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The Government has published guidance to help parents/carers look after the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people during the coronavirus outbreak and how best to communicate what is happening to children of different ages.

Click here to read the guidance


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