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Design and Technology

Intent We aim to develop children's designing, making and evaluating skills though our design and technology curriculum.  We want children to develop curiosity, creativity and imagination when making their own products. We want to ensure children have opportunities to apply a range of practical knowledge and skills whilst developing their problem-solving ability. 

Implementation Children have the opportunity to use mechanisms, build structures, prepare food, cut wood, sew, bake all whilst learning about staying safe.  Learning sequence is planned to ensure children learn how to design, make and evaluate their products.  The tasks are often linked to our termly topics and enthuse the children to gain a better understanding of the world around them. Tasks are often completed in a small group to encourage learning from each other and problem-solving. Our Design and Technology lessons are hands-on, developing practical skills for life that are transferrable to other areas. We are committed to providing a safe environment where children can take risks. We ensure that children understand all safety aspects involved in a task and allow them to demonstrate their new skills independently.  During designing, making and evaluating, the children learn from their own mistakes and problem solve.  

Impact  Children build up their knowledge and confidence in Design and Technology.   As they progress through the learning sequence  they develop confidence in their product making.  Design knowledge strengthens and they are able to adapt a design as they make their product.  Knowledge of materials, joining techniques and mechanisms enable them to make suitable products.  Understanding around making mistakes through the evaluation process creates children who can think reflectively.