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E - Safety Links

These are some useful websites to help parents to understand how to keep their children safe online.  The most important rule is to never leave your child alone accessing the Internet.  You can also use a variety of programs to put parent controls on devices your child may be using at home.  

Game Finder:

Finding games for children which are appropriate for their age, which work on the devices the children use and the children will actually enjoy playing can be a minefield, particularly when parents are being bombarded with the 'but everyone else is playing this game' guilt trip. Game Finder is a new (free) service available from Taming Gaming which walks parents through various aspects, such as how old is your child? What devices do they have? What types of games do they like to play? And then gives a list of recommendations of suitable games.  You can find Game Finder at

Advice by age:
Younger children need different advice and guidance than older children. Older children need different advice and guidance than teens.  On these pages there is some age-related advice and guidance for parents and carers:
0-5 year olds -
5 - 10 year olds -

Useful new features on YouTube and YouTube Kids
YouTube is hugely popular with all age groups but historically parents haven't had a lot of control over what their children can/cannot watch. But things have changed and YouTube now gives parents a greater degree of control. Take a look at the page below where you will see a few short videos of newer features that can help you on YouTube and YouTube Kids.

YouTube Moderation for Parents

Given the circumstance we find ourselves in, it's likely that children will spend more time on YouTube. Alan Mackenzie, Internet safety guru, has recorded a brand new video giving some tips on the few functions available within YouTube to help parents. 
YouTube link HERE

Here are some additional websites to support parents with e-safety at home

Click here for NSPCC advice about Online Safety for children

Click here for Government information about Online Safety for children