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We had an 'ungraded' inspection by Ofsted on 19th and 20th September 2023. From this inspection we were very pleased to remain a GOOD school. We are already working on suggested improvements to make our school even better. Here are some quotes from our OFSTED Report from September 2023.  Please read our report below. 

"A warm welcome awaits everybody at this thriving and inclusive school."

"Pupils are joyful and proud. They treat each other with kindness, which is modelled by adults every day. Relationships are positive and expectations are high."

"If pupils need help to manage emotions, staff use expertise and compassion to support their mental health. As a result, behaviour is positive and pupils learn well from early years to Year 2."

"The curriculum is ambitious for all pupils. Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) are well supported so they thrive."

"The school identifies and supports pupils with SEND through regular progress meetings and clear communication across the school and with families."

"Leaders are inspirational, dedicated and effective. Governors support and challenge the school and fulfil their duties with diligence."

"The school promotes pupils’ wider learning effectively, including by using trips and visitors."

"The school offers a diverse range of clubs. Opportunities include team games, football, construction and sewing."

Here is a link to the school performance measure website