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We have been judged to be a GOOD school; we are working on suggested improvements to make our school even better. Here are some quotes from our OFSTED Report from March 2018;

“Leaders and Governors have high aspirations and know the school well. There is a culture of self-reflection and constant improvement"

"There is a strong sense of purpose that permeates the school"

"Pupils make good and improving progress in reading, writing and mathematics"

"Pupils' personal development, behaviour and welfare are very good. Pupils are polite, friendly and respectful to adults and to each other. They have positive attitudes to learning, which support their strong progress"

"Pupils are known as individuals and the staff work closely with families to provide relevant individual support, when required"

"Pupils who have SEN and/or disabilities, and their families, are supported effectively. Consequently, pupils who have SEN and/or disabilities make good progress"

"The curriculum is broad with a range of first-hand experiences, so that pupils enjoy learning a range of subjects and make good progress"

"Teaching is good in Early Years, the early years environment is stimulating and organised well, with a range of indoor and outdoor activities, behaviour is very good, children are keen to learn"

"Parents are kept well informed, and a close partnership helps parents to support their children's learning successfully. Parents speak very positively about procedures to help their children when they start school, welcoming regular information meetings, opportunities for 'stay and play' and providing informationfor their child's learning journal. As a result, children settle into early years quickly"

"Governors are reflective and seeking constantly to improve" 

"Leaders and governors share high aspirations for the school and pupils"

"The school has the confidence of the local community"

Please click here to read the full Ofsted reports for our school