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Physical Education - PE

Intent: We provide our children with opportunities to develop fundamental movement skills (agility, balance, co-ordination) and encourage them to engage in competitive and co-operative activities in a range of situations. 

Implementation: PE is taught twice a week, and planning also includes teaching a wide variety of skills such as dance, games and gymnastics. We use the 'Real PE' Scheme to teach PE, which enables children to develop a range of PE skills in gymnastic, games and dance and is taught through in ‘cogs’.  We have adopted this curriculum because it is ambitious and designed to give all children the knowledge, confidence and cultural capital that supports them to succeed in life. Children also have the opportunity to apply these skills through sports clubs, Healthy Weeks and Sports Day. The Real PE programme also reflects our ‘Following the Rainbow’ ethos and our school’s ambitious intentions that clearly support our coherently planned curriculum.  We invite external providers to teach ballet, yoga and games skills (Brighton and Hove Albion) to enhance our exciting PE curriculum.

Impact: Our children will develop a love of PE and sport that will extend into their lives outside of school and into their futures. We will have introduced the key physical and emotional well-being skills that can be used in the future. They will be motivated and engaged. They will enjoy challenge and show resilience and persistence in their physically active lives.