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Intent  In science we believe that learning should be irresistible, varied, relevant and appropriate for each child's needs. Through our science curriculum we endeavour to increase children’s science capital, empowering them to think scientifically and to ask questions about the world around them, which will directly impact their future lives.

Implementation: We link science knowledge and skills to everyday life, occupations and current affairs, and are explicit about the intention of every lesson. Community links are maximised eg parents (dentist etc) and the locality; we make lessons relevant to our school and to our wider environment. We use these as a resource and enable children to make decisions about risk and danger. ( eg water, train, busy road, pond)

Impact: Our science curriculum enables children to broaden their knowledge and to ask questions of the world around them. It develops the cultural capital of all of our children and enables them to make informed decisions. Through hands-on practical activities and experiences such as school visits and Forest School, children can learn to think for themselves, and assess risk.

Our Science subject content comes from the national curriculum.  Please click on the link below to see our content coverage.

We have created our own school progression map for 'working scientifically' please see the document below.